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Pilates - Studio Group Training

Class in the studio with three to five people, on the Pilates High-Mat, with small Pilates-apparatuses: Spine Corrector, Magic Circle, light bar-bell, small weighted pole.

50 Min.

Pilates and Relaxation - Streaming Group Training

Group training, at your home, on a gym mat.

The rhythm of life consists of building tension and releasing it. In this class you strengthen and stretch your whole body. Thanks to the relaxation part, you loosen and free your body and mind.

35-45 min. Pilates
20-30 min. perception, relaxation exercises and stretching

approx. 70 min. 
via Zoom

Pilates - Streaming Group Training

Pilates group training, at your home, on a gym mat.

60 Min.

Video on Demand