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Practice whenever, wherever!

Do you want to receive expert Pilates training on your own terms?

Check out this VoD bundle - it’s made for you!

These Pilates workouts are just what you are looking for if you want the freedom of working out wherever, whenever and for however long you want with the reassurance that you will be guided by a highly trained and experienced Pilates instructor.

Here’s some advice - 

Store your Pilates mat somewhere where you can see it. 

This will encourage you to train regularly. 

There are a great selection of videos awaiting you here with a mix of workouts aimed at different training levels and with different training duration. You will receive many helpful tips throughout the training.

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good to know..

If you train several times a week the duration of the sessions can be once or twice shorter. Ideally, you already have some Pilates experience. You can choose to receive your training in either English or German.



In Pilates we roll a lot on the spine so we need to use a thicker mat than we would, for example, in yoga.  If you do not have a thick mat I suggest you use two thin mats, one on top of the other.  Alternatively, you could place a towel folded several times in the middle of a thin mat and this will ensure that your spine is supported.



The neck should be free for training so take a small pillow, towel or book for under your head. This way the neck will be strengthened and stretched. If you have neck problems, however, it is a good idea to support and relieve the neck by resting it on the pillow as well.



I recommend that you use as large a screen as possible when you do your training. This makes looking and moving around easier and you will train more efficiently.
Position the screen at the foot of the mat, slightly to the side and slightly elevated. It is important that you do not have to turn your head to see the screen.
Test out different positions and see what works best for you given the equipment and the amount of space that you have available to you.


Video on Demand